Government, Ciriani freezes Renzi and Calenda at the 4% barrier

A negotiation with the opposition on the threshold in exchange for support for reforms in Parliament? Luca Ciriani, Minister for Relations with Parliament, denies the hypothesis of ongoing talks with Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda about the barrier: “Without negotiations with Renzi and Calenda, the barrier remains at 4%. When reforms are presented, we will do so above, not below, the table.”

Ciriani, in the interview with Corriere della Sera, returned to the government’s criticism of European Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni: “The Meloni government has demonstrated that it is serious and responsible. We are not asking to modify the stability pact to undermine Italian public finances, but rather to restart the country. In this we must all be Italians. The decision on changes to the pact has not been made. There is discussion and Mario Draghi himself warned against a return to austerity. I understand that the commissioners represent the EU, but the EU – warns Ciriani – represents the states. If Italy goes wrong, it will be damaging to the whole of Europe.”

Source: IL Tempo