Mario Draghi in Brussels: Calenda’s idea to relaunch the EU

Carlo Calenda puts Mario Draghi on the launch pad. After leaving the government and the previous failed election in the Quirinale, the former prime minister should find a place in Brussels, at least in the opinion of the leader of Action, interviewed by Il Foglio: “My conviction is that we must do everything to promote Mario Draghi to the presidency of the European Commission or the European Council. It would be a way of reaffirming a certain credibility of Italy, but what would benefit from this would be the prestige of the Union as a whole. A figure like Draghi would also do very well as Head of State, God forbid. And I believe that with Meloni increasingly concerned with strategic dossiers and a complicated economic and international situation, the question of how to guarantee the country’s efficient governance will soon arise. But – Calenda specifies – the idea would be to see Draghi in the place that Charles Michel currently occupies, who I remember mainly for his gaffes, or in the place of Ursula von de Leyen, who also had a good performance, but who certainly doesn’t have the same international stature that the former prime minister demonstrated, over the years, with the rescue of the euro, in the management of the pandemic and in the Ukrainian crisis”.

Regarding the majority’s pressure on European Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni regarding the reform of the Stability Pact, Calenda speaks of “a savage offensive because Paolo is doing an excellent job in Brussels. But then the election campaign is like that, whenever it’s necessary to shout against Europe, make noise, say that the fun is over. Then you go to the government and become faded copies of Forlani, having already seen everything.” According to the leader of Action, “the government needs a scapegoat because the budget law will contradict all the surprising promises made. Because Meloni and Giorgetti don’t they will bring home a lot in the Stability Pact. Because the Pnrr is fighting. And the MEE will soon have to be ratified. So here is the gift for Gentiloni.”

Source: IL Tempo