Open Arms returns to sea. And the Democratic Party takes advantage of another catwalk

After a 20-day layover, Open Arms is ready to set sail again. The Spanish NGO’s ship was stopped by the Italian authorities for having carried out unauthorized interventions and for having repeatedly violated the Piantedosi decree and could sail again in the next few hours. The crew has already warned: “We will have the burden of thinking that the next administrative detention could be a seizure of the ship, and therefore we will stay there and evaluate the best: but we respect international laws, and the duty to save human lives.” Meanwhile , another Democratic Party parade took place. The secretary of the Tuscan Democratic Party, Emiliano Fossi, arrived to greet the Open Arms.

Visit of the secretary of the Tuscan Democratic Party, deputy Emiliano Fossi, today, on board the Open Arms NGO ship, a few hours after the restart of the ship subjected to administrative detention in the port of Marina di Carrara. Also present were regional councilor Alessandra Nardini, the mayor of Carrara, Serena Arrighi, vice-mayor Roberta Crudeli, the president of the province Gianni Lorenzetti and Federico Dazzi, from the Carrara Democratic Party. “We are on the side of humanity and hospitality. Open Arms received authorization to save 26 people, along the way it saved another 170 from certain death”, said Fossi, forgetting, however, that the NGOs against which the left fights so hard, under Italian law, commit infractions.

Source: IL Tempo