G20’s Meloni delivers a harsh blow to Gentiloni: “There is an interesting impasse in Ita, an answer is needed”

This event is the press conference held at the end of the G20 in India. Answering the questions of journalists from here on, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni deals a new blow to European Commissioner Gentiloni. The subject is the Ita-Lufthansa agreement. “Something objectively interesting is happening,” said the Prime Minister, “namely, that the same European Commission that has been asking us for years to find a solution to the ITA problem, blocks it when we find a solution to the problem, and therefore we no longer understand it. And we also want an answer. Minister Giorgetti , also attracted the attention of Commissioner Gentiloni.”

Frictions between the Prime Minister, and more generally the government, and Gentiloni are known and have been going on for weeks. It was Matteo Salvini who started the conflict: “I got the impression that a European commissioner was playing in the jersey of another national team. Instead of making suggestions, he voiced complaints and criticism”. Meloni then toed the line by making it clear that he expected “extra attention” from the Italian commissioner at the European level. “While European truth commissioners represent nations, they also represent the European Union in the performance of their duties. Since each nation has its own commissioners, they also keep an eye on the nation they represent. I think this is normal and true, and I would be happy if there were more for Italy”, Prime Minister’s words.

As can be seen from the conference, peace has not yet been achieved between the two.

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At the conference, Mr. Prime Minister touched upon many issues. After the controversy over the results of the summit, where leaders did not openly condemn Vladimir Putin’s Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Meloni chose to throw water on the fire.

Meloni reiterated his “congratulations to Prime Minister Modi on the success of this challenging edition of the G20.” “I think, the Prime Minister explained, that the final declaration of the G20 was an excellent result in a difficult context. A complex and detailed job was done. But in the end, Russia also united, perhaps so as not to be alone.” G20 is not G7, there are other countries participating in it, then there is a certain fatigue, last year (more directly condemning Russia in the G20 declaration in Bali)ed.) We were close to the events.”

Meloni also anticipated some of the themes central to the Italian G7. Among these there is artificial intelligence. “He reiterated that the issue needs to be given more attention by world leaders. I do not always have the impression that our ability to manage processes is advancing as fast as technologies. We cannot help but consider the impact of Artificial Intelligence on our societies. Today it is intelligence that replaces Risks. It is a theme that will be central during our G7 Presidency. At a global level We aim to recall the ethical principles underlying the development of artificial intelligence, which can form the basis of a regulatory framework.

There is also the issue of relations with China. Meloni said that “the Silk Road is not the only element in the relations between Rome and Beijing” and that Italy’s exit from the agreement “will not compromise the relations between the two countries.” And again: “Both Italy and China are aware of the importance of maintaining and strengthening relations. In international politics, in most cases, pragmatism wins, I believe that this time things will go that way too”, Meloni added. The New Silk Road is “not the only element of relations” between Rome and Beijing – he continued – the question is how to maintain a partnership that is beneficial to both parties.” Meloni noted that many countries never joined the New Silk Road project Silk He added: “We have always had excellent relations” with Yol and China.

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