Pd-M5s, Paragone reveals Conte’s secret weapon: destiny sealed for Schlein?

Elly Schlein faces a dead end in the face of the European elections, scheduled for June 2024. The PD’s completely leftist line scares away reformists, as the case of Liguria demonstrates, and leads the party to compete for shares of the electorate also controlled by Movement 5 Stars by Giuseppe Conte. Who, at the celebration of Unity in Ravenna, seemed to many almost like the leader of a coalition. An own goal for Schlein. Among other things, the proportional system is in force in the European elections, so it is every man for himself and the real battle is between parties on the same field. Situation that Gianluigi Paragone comments on the Stasera Italia estate, Rete4 program presented by Augusto Minzolini. “Conte has objective points of advantage over Schlein – says the leader of Pela Itália – he served as prime minister” and when he speaks he does so with a different weight in relation to the democratic leader, whose speeches “we understand nothing”.

Another strong point of Conte is that as prime minister he created citizen income and Superbonus 110, themes that make 5 Estrelas attractive to different audiences. “Conte is intelligent, much more than Schlein, he understood that he is stronger” than the Democratic Party in markedly left-wing positions, argues Paragone, who claims that the Democratic leader is “leaving an incredible leadership to Conte”.

But the Grillini’s real secret weapon in the European elections could be put into action by the founder of the 5 Star Movement, Beppe Grillo. “If you remove the double term limit rule, which no one in the Movement cares about anymore, Conte will be able to play with names like Roberto Fico, Paola Taverna and other historic names in the European elections. Another point of advantage” for the M5, concludes Paragone.

Source: IL Tempo