Beppe Grillo, golden salary of the M5s: Conte renews contract

The 5 Star Movement renewed the contract of its founder Beppe Grillo. News that seems absurd until you write it, but it is known that sometimes reality can far surpass fantasy. According to rumors so far, the Ligurian comedian’s “salary” in his role as communications consultant for the Movement is around 300 thousand euros. A contract that expired in May and that yesterday the leader Giuseppe Conte, from the Fatto Quotidiano party stage, announced that he had renewed. «Grillo’s contract exists. We asked you as a Movement to give us a contribution as a consultant to help us with electoral campaigns and for communication suggestions. The contract has already been renewed”, said the leader of the 5 Star Movement, Giuseppe Conte. «We are in constant contact with Grillo – he continued – A few days ago I spent a whole day with him. I went to visit him in Tuscany.”

A renewal that aroused much criticism within the political formation that should open Parliament like a “tuna can” and that fought against the “privileges of politics”, especially large salaries. In fact, Grillo’s contract runs the risk of weighing like a stone on the already tight coffers of the Movement, which is already crying over the cuts in parliamentarians and the reimbursements to elected representatives that are increasingly late or, in some cases, not received. It is still unclear whether the judicial clause contained in the contract signed by the comedian in 2018 was breached. A clause that obligated the party to pay legal costs in any legal actions related to his role as guarantor. Some rumors pointed to the end of the legislature and the change in leadership of the Movement as the reasons for the possible non-renewal of this item of the contract.

Source: IL Tempo