Now, Lollobrigida silences critics: “Arianna Meloni is a symbol”

Francesco Lollobrigida, Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests, appeared on the guest list for the first episode of the season of Agorà, the Rai3 talk show that is now presented by Roberto Inciocchi. One of the main faces of Fratelli d’Italia tries to put an end to any type of controversy over Giorgia Meloni’s choice to entrust her sister Arianna with a leadership role in the party: “Arianna Meloni is the symbol of those who, unelected, for thirty years of political activism, appreciated by everyone and that plays a role. Arianna is an esteemed person within the party. We all grew up together, joining a party that didn’t even have the vocation to make you a councilor. You play a role, as happened in many other parties, of people who were members of the same section and who wanted to contribute to the growth of the political party”.

After talking about his wife Lollobrigida, he fires a torpedo at the leader of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, who said he was ready for a general strike in the maneuver: “It is a little strange that there are announcements of preventive attacks in relation to a text that still did not arrive. I advise caution. It seems to me that there were several meetings with the union forces. Everyone does their part, the government has been active for 11 months and we believe it has a duty to the proposal and the social forces of a judgment on the merits, a judgment that however comes after the presentation of the text”.

Source: IL Tempo