According to a poll, Alex Char would win the elections for mayor of Barranquilla

A new study revealed what the political panorama looked like in the country a month and a half before the elections regional electionswhich will be held on October 29.

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In the country’s main cities, the electoral climate was analyzed and which candidates, in the opinion of Colombians, would win the race.

In the case of Barranquilla, if the elections were tomorrow, Alex Char would win with 81.2%, as the councilor appears in second placel Antonio Bohorquez, by 7.2%; Luis Enrique Guzmán, with 2.8%; Harry Silva Llinás, with 1.9%; Hassan Fares, with 1.3% and Ronald Valdez by 0.1%. Meanwhile, the blank vote registered 5.6%.

Further to the question: ‘Regardless of your vote, who do you think will be the future mayor Barranquilla?”, 71.1% answered that this will be the case Alex Char and 25.9% indicated that they did not know or would not respond.

Following RCN and the GAD3 consultant He also measured what the forecasts are for the mayors of Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Bucaramanga. In the case of the country’s capital, Carlos Fernando Galan He would be the city’s next mayor and win with 32.4%. In second place is Juan Daniel Oviedo, with 20.1%; Gustavo Bolívar, with 18.2%; Rodrigo Lara with 8.8%; Diego Molano, with 8.5%; Jorge Enrique Robledo, with 3.6%; Jorge Luis Vargas And Rafael Alfonso Quintero, by 1.7%. He blank vote it has 4.3%.

In the case of Medellín, the elections would be won Federico Gutierrez, with 66.6%. In Cali, Roberto Ortizwith 43.6% and within Bucaramanga, Jaime Andrés Beltránwith 26.4%.

Source: El Heraldo