Caivano, the government is preparing the Day of Action for the Army and Law Enforcement Bodies

After the “explosion” two nights ago in Caivano, the Ministry of the Interior announced that it will send more police forces to the area. Il Tempo interviewed Undersecretary of the Interior Emanuele Prisco to understand what the government’s action plan is.

Undersecretary, in your opinion, is Caivano’s “swearing” a response from the Camorra to the presence of the State?

«I believe that some criminals reacted to the institutions that pressured them in that area and in their businesses. Evidently there is an air of change and this is their way of trying to reaffirm their presence in the area, but the government is determined not to be intimidated, although for those who live in Caivano these facts can be a cause for fear. After President Meloni’s visit to Caivano in August and the police operation last week, attention remains very high and an offensive begins from there in many Italian suburbs. For next Friday, Minister Piantedosi announced his participation in a new Provincial Public Order and Security Commission and next Monday Prime Minister Meloni will be back in the municipality. Meanwhile, some announced measures were adopted to restore legality to that area: after the allocation of 30 million for the recovery of the Delphinia sports center, the scene of the rape in August, a package of measures was approved very quickly by the Council of Ministers. difficulties of young people, educational poverty and youth crime and the creation of a structure of commissioners for the management of resources”.

The Ministry of the Interior announced a 20% increase in the number of carabinieri serving in the command company of the municipality north of Naples, as well as an increase in officers at the Afragola police station and the Guardia di Finanza in Frattamaggiore. How many units are we talking about?

«We are working to strengthen as much as possible the safeguards against degradation and to combat crime in that area north of Naples: 21 reinforcement agents arrived in the last few hours at the Frattamaggiore police station, in Parque Verde Caivano, from today a patrol car will monitor the territory 24 hours a day and 20 more soldiers from the force will arrive soon. This is a 20% increase in personnel because there are currently 102 carabinieri in service in the Caivano area. Police activity is obviously not limited to the garrison, but thanks to the investigative capacity it allows for more penetrating control of the territory”.

Caivano is just one of the many areas in Italy where, due to several factors, crime outweighs the difficulties of the suburbs and the absence of the State to impose its own law. How can you intervene in such a complex reality?

«The control of degraded areas must be constant and goes hand in hand with the total fight against the mafias, who depress the territories to use them as they wish for their trafficking, involving young people in them and conditioning their lives forever, without the dream of redemption. That is why it is essential to offer a future to these young people, providing them with the tools to study and work without giving in to the conditioning of criminals. The fight against school dropout, which is of fundamental importance to this government, can lead to surprising results. In recent weeks, Education Minister Valditara ordered the sending of 20 more teachers to Caivano’s institutes, so that schools remain open even in the afternoon. Teachers who activate alternative education projects, theater, sports, music and civic education workshops will be remunerated with additional funds. Other funds were allocated to reduce territorial disparity in the suburbs and to combat school dropout. Thanks to Pnrr resources, two new daycare centers will be built and two gyms will be renovated. Classrooms and study environments will be renovated and remodeled. Sport is the other true social and value-based antidote to resignation and degradation.”

Could army intervention be useful?

«The City Councils of Naples and Caserta already have a “Day of Action” program, joint law enforcement and Army operations in the municipalities of the provinces of Naples and Caserta belonging to the so-called Land of Fires. The State must not spare itself in recovering the terrain of crime, in Italy there must be no free zones and we are determined to use all means to return citizens to their cities, without distinction between center and periphery”.

What measures should be adopted in the medium and long term and which in the short term?

«The presence of the police with penetrating investigative activity, the recovery of school dropouts and the requalification of places, rebuilding a social fabric and trust in institutions. It will be a long road, but possible, to build meter by meter in Caivano, as in many other Italian territories.”

Source: IL Tempo