FdI Assembly, Meloni unmasks the left: “Free Lama”. And that hurts Formigli

Giorgia Meloni took stock of her first year of government in the assembly of the Brothers of Italy and placed emphasis above all on the “free mud” that was thrown at her party and her family. “Incredible months” behind him, but also “continuous campaigns and dossiers of false scandals”: ​​this is what the prime minister faced, with commitment and determination. “All managers were examined, often even simple supporters, looking for nothing”, recalled the Prime Minister.

And precisely to defend the appointments, Giorgia Meloni allowed herself to joke to explain her reasons. Reciting data and approved measures, the prime minister justified what was achieved in recent months and, say some present, protected the latest appointments, making a joke about his undersecretary of the Council presidency, Giovanbattista Fazzolari. “For example, Fazzolari takes care of communication, who should we have brought Formigli?”, asked Meloni ironically.

The answer came from the journalist who, when questioned by Adnkronos, commented: “I am honored to be in Meloni’s thoughts, but I do not believe that a journalist can under any circumstances act as a political communicator. for Meloni, just as I wouldn’t do it, I would do the same with Fratoianni. Journalists must be journalists and not political communicators.” “Political communicators are a profession that has nothing to do with journalists,” he added.

Source: IL Tempo