Meloni: “Free mud for me, Arianna always punished”

White shirt, dazzling smile. This is how Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni introduces himself to the national assembly of the Italian Brotherhood. This is the first event after the election victory, and Meloni is beaming from the stage, claiming the elections that have been made and denouncing the “usual left”, “certain press”. He mentions that mud is being slandered against him and also his family. But the watchword is “fly high”.

The Prime Minister’s speech was like a river touching on many points. The focus is on the Fdi and the future of the party, which in just a few years has gone from opposition to clear electoral success while also – of course – getting in the way of the Executive.

“My sister Arianna was always punished”

A passionate defense of his family from Meloni. In the political sense and in the narrow sense. “In the past months – thunders Meloni – we have seen it all. Constant fake scandal campaigns, dossiers, constant demands for the resignation of this or that person. Every single executive, often even simple sympathizers, has been scrutinized without looking for anything. Unnecessary mudslinging, even of family members, “Through months of research on my friends and relatives, my personal history was X-rayed almost from the day I was born. In the end, it was a boomerang because they managed to prove it. I was exactly who I said I was.” Then there is a direct reference to her sister: “There was always talk that Arianna Meloni, who has been a militant since the age of 17, was punished by the fact that she was my sister. They deliberately and instrumentally confused an organizational role such as political secretariat with the role of organizing the secretary of the Brothers of Italy. But in our country there are secretaries a figure that does not exist.”

Message to allies: “No to selfishness”

Part of the prime minister’s speech was dedicated to government allies. Relations are not always idyllic, with tensions and disagreements reported in the news even as leaders miss the opportunity to underline the unity of the coalition. “We – underlines Meloni – are at the helm of the nation and for us serving Italy’s interests is a priority”. Then what seemed like a warning: “I am sure that even our valued government allies realize how serious the burden is on all of our shoulders, and that we cannot waste our energy on any kind of selfish attitude. We must give it, we must give it to the Italians in whom we have always believed.”

“Others spent money to buy consensus”

From the stage, Meloni continues to talk about today – the maneuver that has not yet been written – but attacks those that came before it. “We have few resources to spend, thanks to our predecessors who threw billions of dollars out the window to buy citizens’ consent,” she says. We will focus resources on our priorities, starting with defending jobs and wages, health care and childbirth. rate”.

“They will try to unseat us”

Meloni claims what was done in the first year of the government. “Incredible months that I’m so proud of,” she says. For the Prime Minister, “Italy has a more solid economy, it has more credibility and centrality at the international level, it has stability and a vision to be achieved, it can be recognized and recognized by everyone. An Italy that has returned to hope after years of resignation”.

Meloni distinguishes “on common-sense issues, we are on the side of the Italians, who have been defenseless, frightened, oppressed to this day, and those on the left are automatically on the other side, just to attack the Government.” Then he gets into the virtues of “us.” “It underlines that nothing that is done is done by one person. Ours has never been an individual sport, it has been a team sport. That is the main message I want to give to the FdI National Assembly today. As in every event.” In a self-respecting championship, the opening game is tougher than the game behind us. I literally need all the concentration, clarity, responsibility and ambition you are capable of. Because if anyone thinks that the past has been a tough year, gentlemen, I’m afraid you haven’t seen anything. Political debates will become more heated, attacks will increase, traps and attempts to unseat us will increase.” And he explains: “For two reasons: First, this season will end with the European elections; Secondly, we are pleased to have won the elections, linking this to the next goals. We’re not here to enjoy the season. temporary gratifications of power, but to manage and change things that are wrong. “What we’ve shown so far is that we have the courage, freedom and resilience to do this.”

“It will be the year of reforms”

Looking to the near future, Meloni said, “This will also be the year when the first bricks of the constitutional reform, the tax reform, and the most important part of the justice reform will be laid. It will be the year when the bureaucracy will begin to be addressed.” Housing emergency to strengthen merit school. This will be the year we see the state return to free zones. I say this to organized crime who are thinking of scaring us with their boats in Caivano. “We will respond blow to blow: do not scare us.”

“This year will be the year of Italy’s G7 presidency – the year of the Mattei Plan, the grand strategic project that will give Italy back its centrality in the Mediterranean,” he recalls.

“We will stop illegal immigration”

“Foreign policy is always domestic policy. This means addressing some of the big unresolved problems of the last decades, such as immigration – the Prime Minister continues from the stage – I know that many of those who voted for us hope for immediate results. Do not be afraid that I will pay a price in the short term, because I will pay a price in the short term, with temporary solutions or “I’m not interested in propagandistic reactions that work at the level of communication, last for two months and then return to the starting point in the structural way.” “This is a huge job, it will take time,” he adds, but eventually we will defeat traffickers, stop illegal immigration and manage legal immigration in an orderly manner. This means helping Italy, guaranteeing Italian agreements and investments. “It means enabling companies to open new opportunities and ensuring that our perspective is taken into account in international discussions.”

The future of Fratelli d’Italia

“We grew up with Fratelli d’Italia. Now we need to reorganize,” Meloni announces. We want to renew party bodies at the local level and give life to the regional congress season, allowing members to vote. Donzelli is the one who shows the times and ways of a proposal to the Parliament”. Then a warning to his followers: “If you do your job well, everything will come by itself. Woe to anyone who is not clear that the priority should be only the well-being of the nation. Because no matter what the cost, Italian Brothers and Italians say, “The government I chair will meet the expectations of the Italians.”

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Source: Today IT