CGIL, Landini’s double standard: “Spokesperson fired? No, reorganization”

Who knows how many times, during his career as a trade unionist, Maurizio Landini had to be informed that the dismissals he was opposing were “a simple reorganization”. However, no one could have imagined that Landini himself, now general secretary of the CGIL, would use the same formula to justify the dismissal of one of the union’s historic collaborators. Massimo Gibelli, 64 years old, born in Turin, with a socialist background, had been at CGIL since 1983. He currently held the position of spokesman for the secretary before being dismissed by letter dated July 4th in which organizational secretary Luigi Giove informed him what would be his “last day of work”. Dismissal for “objective justified reason” given that the secretary has “a habit and propensity for maintaining direct relations with the media”. A cut made possible by the Employment Law that definitively put an end to the distinction between companies and unions. In fact, unions have previously managed to circumvent Article 18 in a number of cases, avoiding being subjected to a court order which, in agreement with workers, could reinstate them.

A weakening of labor protections that Maurizio Landini has always fought against since he was number one at Fiom. Now, however, he responds to the accusations by declaring that the Employment Law “has nothing to do” with the dismissal of Massimo Gibelli. Gibelli “has been employed since 2012, the Employment Law has absolutely nothing to do with it”, explained the number one on Corso d’Italia.
«We plan a reorganization that ensures that the spokesperson no longer exists. You don’t see any other spokesperson next to me, because it’s a luxury we can’t afford. We are an organization that lives off the economic contributions of its members and we must be careful with how we spend our money. There is no other operation than this.” Therefore, in his opinion, there would be no contradiction in the battle he is waging against the measure launched by the Renzi government.

And in fact it launches the idea of ​​a referendum. «We are thinking about the possibility of also using the referendum instrument, we will have to decide which instruments to use without also excluding popular initiative proposals to indicate not only what in our opinion should be cancelled, but also what in our opinion should be introduced with new legislation on labor matters”, declared Landini. Who knows if among the signatories of the referendum there will also be the historic spokesman of the largest Italian union that was expelled thanks to the Employment Law by the very secretary who is fighting to cancel it. It would be an incredible story, a bit like that of the union leader who fires a worker with a formula that more resembles a company captain than a defender of workers’ rights.

Source: IL Tempo