Florence, everyone likes Schmidt. Does the center-right have a candidate for mayor?

A smoke that, minute after minute, becomes whiter and whiter. Almost transparent. I like the name Eike Schmidt. And not at all. The center-right is a niche for now and shrugs its shoulders, but in reality the idea of ​​appointing the current director of the Uffizi as mayor of Florence quite pleases moderates. The reasons are as simple as they are obvious. The German is a man of enormous culture. But at the same time, with that Teutonic accent, he ends up being friendly. Almost pop. Despite an imposing physique, which commands respect.

But above all he is a civic candidate, a figure far from the manipulation of results and disputes between factions. That is, everything that, and not today, terribly upsets the vast majority of Italian voters. Furthermore, Schmidt, who is anything but a sideshow, will have no difficulty declaring himself a convinced anti-fascist. With a sentence about the Twenty Years, the (possible) center-right candidate will dismantle, in an instant, ninety percent of the left’s (boring and repetitive) electoral campaign. Which, in the last strong red, always focused on the lack of clarity on the topic. Some ambiguities (such as the non-presence of the 2019 candidate, Ubaldo Bocci, at the celebrations on April 25th in Piazza della Signoria) must absolutely not be repeated.

Another defeat is certain. Schmidt was then, during these five years, a real thorn in the side of Nardella’s board. With your observations, your suggestions and your scathing criticisms. Furthermore, he is known to everyone on the banks of the Arno. The director of the Uffizi Gallery already started the process of applying for Italian citizenship a few months ago (he is married to Roberta Bartoli, a university professor and great art expert). A figure known throughout the world, who would give Florence (and the May 2024 election campaign) incredible visibility. It should not be forgotten that the fifty-five-year-old player is also very popular among national managers. Giorgia Meloni in first place. Are the Germans the key to demolishing the last red fort?

Source: IL Tempo