Meloni does not make concessions to Gentiloni: Vespa’s final attack on the commissioner

Giorgia Meloni in the Bruno Vespa round. The Prime Minister participated in the episode of Five Minutes, a nighttime segment presented by the journalist on Rai1, and the first topic discussed was Mario Draghi’s role in the EU: “Draghi is one of the most authoritative Italians we have, I assume he can keep an eye on our nation, I consider this good news. I don’t consider this an initiative against us.” Another topic on the agenda is that of migrants after the flood of arrivals in Lampedusa: “The issue of relocation is secondary, very few people have been relocated in recent months, it is a Linus blanket, the issue is not how we solve the problem, it is to prevent arrivals in Italy, I still don’t see concrete answers.”

Still on the subject, Vespa asks Meloni a question: “Did you expect Germany to stop receiving migrants from Italy?” “In part yes – responds the leader of the Brothers of Italy – because we communicated to our partners some time ago that we could no longer automatically receive back the so-called ‘Dublinants’, because our hotspots are full and if the EU did not give us aid in the defense of external borders”.

Meloni also participated in Porta a Porta, another Rai1 program presented by Vespa. On this occasion, he did not spare another criticism of Paolo Gentiloni, European Commissioner for the Economy: “I am a person used to saying what I think. I discovered that Gentiloni gave many interviews last year to reprimand and give his opinion on the government’s actions. Well, I don’t know if this happens in other countries. The commissioners don’t do the work of their government, but they keep an eye out from time to time… I saw a more critical than collaborative approach, but that doesn’t mean – explains Palazzo Chigi’s number one – that I want to discuss or argue with Gentiloni “.

Source: IL Tempo