Brief policy: Torres and Rengifo promote proposals for young people

In the Atlantic, youth are considered agents of social change and economic development. That is why the candidates for the various elected positions have drawn up a series of proposals for the well-being of this population, which is widely socialized.

Amid his wanderings through the department, Camilo Torres Villalba, candidate for the General Assembly, has received the support of young people, women, artisans and farmers, who confirm as correct his commitment to promoting sports, new technologies and job opportunities. young people are some of the proposals.

“To combat insecurity in Barranquilla and the department, we must put sport at the forefront, as a life project for young people throughout the Atlantic,” said the liberal candidate for the Duma.

Torres Villalba has also stressed the importance of promoting culture in the department, ensuring that once he reaches the departmental Duma, he will work to define the roadmap of the plan for the tourism sector: “This will allow every municipality, and of course Soledad, “a favorite destination for those who visit us.”

Source: El Heraldo