Storm over the Democratic Party in Cerveteri: “Pregnant women are not a protected category”

The words that are destined to cause discussion Carmelo Travagliapresident of the City Council of Brewery at altitude DPspoke during yesterday’s session in which a motion regarding the pink parking lotsi.e. those intended for women pregnant. During his speech, recorded and broadcast live, Travaglia announced his intention not to vote on the motion because, in his opinion, pregnant women “are a category that, in my opinion, should not be recognized as protected”. For what reason? In the silence of the Chamber, the representative of the Democratic Party explained it bluntly.

“That doesn’t convince me (Yes)”, declares Carmelo Travaglia regarding the motion on pink parking in Cerveteri. “It is difficult to implement. How can we check? When asking for the certificate?” The prime minister’s doubts are related to alleged abuses on the part of those who frequent stalls dedicated to pregnant women. But he later went into more depth about the reasons for his dissent. “It gives the idea that the maternity it must be protected category – declares Travaglia – for me it’s a completely different thing. I don’t have to protect a woman who is on maternity leave. He is giving a life, he is having a moment of joy. I can understand the other categories – he reiterates at the end of his speech – but this is a category that in my opinion should not be recognized as protected”.

Travaglia’s statements about future mothers Are they shared or not by the Democratic Party? At the moment, no democratic exponent has commented on the statements made by the president of the Council of Cerveteri, but comments of astonishment proliferate under the video published on social media. “Certainly Elly Schlein will be informed,” writes one user while many others call on Travaglia to apologize.

At the Lazio RegionHowever, the air we breathe on women’s issues is decidedly different. In fact, a bipartisan “intergroup” on the issue of violence against women is being created in Pisana, promoted by regional councilors Laura Corrotti (Brothers of Italy) ed Eleonora Mattia (PD). “The drama of violence against women – we read in the letter with which Corrotti and Mattia invite their colleagues from the Chamber to join the group – demands that we carry out a transversal reflection that starts from consensus and unanimous recognition of the urgency of acting together and cooperating so that all of us, as institutions and political forces at all levels, can mobilize all our energies and territorial networks to identify where existing tools need to be strengthened and where, instead, it is appropriate to move forward with new solutions ” .

Source: IL Tempo