The draw for election jury members will take place from September 29

The draws for the juries that will be used for the control process of the next elections will take place from September 29 to October 3 in the Atlántico department.

According to the Departmental Registration Office, a total of 41,455 people will be selected to supervise the 6,281 voting tables that will be available in the Atlantic for the development of these electoral competitions.

According to Luis Horacio Vasco Suárez, deputy of the clerk’s office in Atlántico, the date of the jury draw in Barranquilla will be September 29; For zoned municipalities this is on September 30 and for non-zoned municipalities on October 2.

The zoned municipalities include Soledad, Malambo, Puerto, Galapa, Baranoa, Campo de la Cruz, Palmar de Varela, Sabanagrande, Sabanalarga and Santo Tomás.

In contrast, the non-zoned areas include Candelaria, Juan de Acosta, Luruaco, Polonuevo, Piojó, Ponedera, Suan, Manatí, Repelón, Santa Lucía, Tubará and Usiacurí.

“The appeal to voting jurors is to attend the training and orientations offered by the Civil Registry for this process. It is to train ourselves and understand what the election process looks like so that we can conduct it in the best way. Let us assume that this must be done with a lot of responsibility and commitment,” said Vasco Suárez.

Diego Sepúlveda Argáez, deputy of the Departmental Registration Office of Atlántico, for his part, claimed that the dynamics of choosing the election juries are based on lists provided by various private sector companies and public entities that contribute with a percentage of the human voice. capital to fulfill this democratic obligation.

He pointed out that the selection of the juries will later be carried out through software based on criteria and algorithms provided to the platform.

The people chosen by the system are notified by email and text message and the company they work for is informed that they have been selected as voting jurors. The list is placed on the registry page in the same way.

“All citizens must accept and comply when they vote as jurors; failure to do so could result in a fine of up to ten current statutory minimum wages,” he said.

The Civil Registry has set up training for voting juries. Once notified, they will receive the date, time and location of the in-person training. In addition, people can pursue other training strategies through virtual platforms with the Register’s website and courses on the subject offered by the Higher School. Public Administration (ESAP) and the National Electoral Council.

Source: El Heraldo