Accidents at work, driving license based on points for companies. The minister’s announcement

A points license for companies to neutralize Work accidents. Technically, this is the so-called “qualification” of companies which, says Labor Minister Marina Elvira cauldron, “we will deliver in a very short time”. The document will serve to “verify what capacity they (companies, ed.) have to comply with the requirements relating to safety and health in the workplace” and above all “to make it clear that safety is a very important element”, recalls the minister, who spoke at the Italia Viva party, at Castelo de Santa Severa, answering a question about the possible introduction of the crime of murder at work.

News also on display sanctions for companies that do not comply with regulations regarding workplace safety. “There are no impediments on the part of the government – ​​explains Calderone – to assess whether the current sanctions system is sufficiently robust”. In any case, the Italian penal code contains “all types of crimes that can be applied to individual cases. The important thing is that the guilty are convicted, that justice arrives within acceptable time frames, that trials are concluded ensuring that those that justice should be brought to justice.” pay for what you did. This must be a commitment from everyone and it is certainly a commitment from the government.”

Source: IL Tempo