PD in panic: “Bloodbath”, Florence’s fiefdom is shaking

A name that is creating anxiety, apprehension and fear. Because the Democratic Party, which cannot exceed 19% in the polls, certainly cannot afford to lose the last strong red. The center-right’s idea of ​​nominating Eike Schmidt as mayor of Florence kept Democratic leaders sleepless. According to some rumors collected by our newspaper, there has already been a discussion between local and national leaders. For now by phone (calls and, above all, WhatsApp messages), but summits next week are not ruled out. There are many knots to untie and decisions to make. It remains to be seen whether the choice of the progressive candidate should go through the primaries. A tool that anticipates the electoral campaign, creates interest and enthusiasm, but at the same time, completely bypasses the party’s decisions.

But the biggest doubts are linked to the names. Those advanced so far by the Democrats could have done well if the moderates had presented a gray and anonymous manager, a former councilor and a businessman known only by his family. The director of the Uffizi Gallery, in addition to being firmly anti-fascist, is a highly educated and globally famous person. Rumor has it that, as soon as your candidacy is made official, a super interview with the prestigious New York Times newspaper will be ready.

Would Sara Funaro, Monia Monni, Cecilia Del Re or Andrea Giorgio be able to resist the fifty-five Germans? “No, it would be a bloodbath – an important representative of the Democratic Party confides to us – We need an important, famous name and, at the same time, close to our world. Because distorting yourself means losing.” According to rumors in recent hours, the Democrats are also thinking about Lucia Aleotti, president of one of the most important companies in the pharmaceutical sector, Menarini. A suggestive hypothesis, but very complicated to carry out. And that doesn’t convince the entire party. “It was pointed out to me that not naming one of our leaders would be a demonstration of weakness, of fear”, explains the dem source. Among a thousand questions, only one certainty. Florence is (finally) contestable.

Source: IL Tempo