Rocca hits Onorato: “Spectacular controversy, concern about degradation in Rome”

“The Honorable Counselor thought it would be good to raise the issue of access tickets to the Coliseum, proposing a controversy that gives us the opportunity not only to say what Minister Sangiuliano is doing to solve the problem, but above all to say who the real responsible for this situation, namely the former minister Franceschini and obviously the PD”. Federico Rocca declared himself capitol councilor of Fratelli d’Italia and president of the Transparency Commission.

“We inherited this disaster from the Franceschini administration, unfortunately known for the many appeals and disputes that we still face, therefore, we inform the Honorable Counselor that not only are we repairing the damage caused by the party to which he belongs, but that we will reach the nominative ticket to avoid any situation of splurge or undue purchase by large groups, after all in just 10 months it is difficult to repair the disasters of 7 years of Franceschini and company, or rather, Onorato, if he is truly concerned about the city’s image in the eyes of tourists, he has the care to restore decorum to the streets of Rome which are today invaded by rubbish, rats, cockroaches, seagulls and crows, not to mention the constant lack of services in local public transport. It is more paradoxical than ever to complain about a ticketing system established by the his own party – concludes Rocca – and close his eyes to the degradation that the Capital is experiencing”.

Source: IL Tempo