Calderoli: “There is a direction behind the migratory invasion, this did not happen with Salvini”

«I don’t know if it is an act of war, but what we are facing, with 127 thousand immigrants who have entered since the beginning of the year according to the latest data updated by the Ministry of the Interior, is an invasion. A peaceful invasion, but an invasion nonetheless. Because, since these are people who, for the most part, do not have the requirements to obtain humanitarian reception, and since these are arrivals who conflict with our current Italian laws on immigration, this is, in all aspects of an invasion.”

The statement was made by Roberto Calderoli, Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomy. “The fact that Austria is tightening controls in Brenner just as France is doing in Menton, that our neighboring states are closing our borders, makes me fear that this increase in arrivals is not an untimely phenomenon, but unfortunately structural because organized, with direction behind it – he adds -. It is clear that given these numbers, in the absence of any response from Europe, Italy will have to go it alone: ​​but which path should we follow? When Matteo Salvini was Minister of the Interior, all this did not happen, so a few words to the wise connoisseur. Let’s think about this carefully, before a catastrophe in terms of public order and safety can actually happen.”

Source: IL Tempo