Meloni calls for extraordinary measures against the landings. Lampedusa in collapse

It asks all of Europe to move in the same direction on the migrants’ dossier, urges the transfer to Tunisia of the 250 million euros provided for in the agreement signed by the EU with President Kais Saied, invites Ursula von der Leyen to Lampedusa and announces extraordinary measures to cope with the number of landings. Faced with the “unsustainable migratory pressure” that Italy has been experiencing since the beginning of this year, and the impasse registered at community level on an issue destined to enter with increasing force in the electoral campaign of the next European elections, Giorgia Meloni takes a stand and through a film released on Palazzo Chigi’s social networks, he announces a series of initiatives that will materialize in the coming days. Firstly, the Prime Minister reveals that he wrote to the President of the European Commission “to ask her to come with me to Lampedusa to personally understand the gravity of the situation we face and to immediately accelerate the implementation of the agreement with Tunisia”. transferring the agreed resources. Von der Leyen has always been collaborative and I have no doubt that this time she will be too.”

Another letter was then sent to the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, asking him to include the issue of migration on the EU Council’s agenda at the end of October. “It is my intention on this occasion – explains the Prime Minister – to reiterate that it is necessary to immediately launch an EU mission to block the boats’ exits”. Furthermore, Meloni’s strategy has been known for some time and focuses on defending the EU’s external borders rather than redistributing migrants between member countries. “It is the only path that can provide a lasting solution to the phenomenon”, he emphasizes, suggesting once again a European mission, “even naval if necessary”, in agreement with the North African authorities, to stop irregular flows. The Italian government, recalls the Prime Minister, has worked by involving the European Commission in a collaboration agreement with Tunisia to counter deviations, on the one hand, and to support the Tunisian economy, on the other. “Unfortunately, however – he attacks – while Italy and a part of Europe were working in this direction, another part was moving in the opposite direction. I think about the daily attempt by some political forces and influential entities to argue that Tunisia would be an oppressive regime with which no agreement can be reached.” “Personally – he adds – I am still convinced that the Italian government’s strategy is the most serious, but it requires time, especially if this work is undermined by ideological interests.”

But Italy “can no longer wait because the pressure has now become unsustainable”. And so Meloni announces that the government will adopt “extraordinary measures” to deal with the number of landings seen in recent days. Therefore, in the Council of Ministers on Monday there will be a modification of the period of detention in detention centers for the repatriation of those who enter Italy illegally. “This limit will be increased to the maximum allowed by current European regulations, that is, 18 months, a period that does not concern asylum seekers – he specifies -. And we are already working on strengthening repatriation centers so that anyone who enters Italy illegally is effectively detained in these structures for the entire time necessary to define their possible asylum request and to effectively expel them in the case of an irregular situation.” In Council of Ministers, Defense will also be given a mandate to build the structures in the shortest possible time, “so that they are sufficient to detain illegal immigrants.” We will be given a mandate to build these structures in places with very low population density and which can be easily delimited and monitored”.

Source: IL Tempo