Migrants, Macron mocks us: closes the borders and then promises solidarity

After doubling the number of military and police to guarantee the security of the border with Ventimiglia, France shows its friendly face. Suddenly, it seems that President Emmanuel Macron has realized that there is an immigration emergency. “We have a duty of European solidarity”, declares the number one at the Élysée, guaranteeing that decisions on the management of asylum seekers “will be taken with Italy”. Macron also highlights the need for Europe to better protect its borders and work harder to prevent people from leaving Africa and the Middle East. “This situation shows that immigration is a phenomenon that affects all Europeans”, he adds. The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, is also moving. First he convenes a meeting about the ongoing crisis in Lampedusa, then he speaks on the phone with the owner of the Ministry of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi, «a long discussion in which we agree to work together to significantly intensify the prevention of the departure of migrants and the fight against human traffickers.” The hope is that we will move from words to actions, because so far the French government has behaved in a completely opposite way.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, calls for UN intervention in Lampedusa and announces that he will soon travel to Berlin and Paris to discuss the situation. Returning to France, the reinforcements sent to the border between Menton and Ventimiglia are certainly not a good sign. Darmanin is the same minister who months ago accused the Italian government of behaving in an “inhumane” way towards migrants and of being “incapable of solving the problem”. At the end of 2022, France opposed the hosting of the Ocean Viking ship in the port of Marseille. In the end he had to give in, but once they disembarked he welcomed only a small part of the migrants. Macron defined Italian behavior as “unacceptable”. Did he really change his mind? Perhaps. Even if in yesterday’s words there is no trace of the intention to take command of some of the migrants arriving in Italy. If France now says it wants to collaborate, Germany continues to fight among itself. The German government confirms that the voluntary reception of asylum seekers under the European Solidarity Mechanism will be active again when Italy resumes application of the Dublin Convention. Berlin explains that he wanted to send a “signal” to the Meloni government. Then, after raising his voice, he seems conciliatory: “With our friends in Rome” a way will be found to resume exchanges that will take into account the solidarity mechanism and the Dublin Convention.”

This agreement provides that migrants must remain in the countries of first landing. Given that the vast majority pass through Sicily first, this means that the burden falls entirely on the shoulders of Rome. Based on this principle, Germany, or any other EU Member State, can ask Italy to take back non-EU citizens. The trick is quickly revealed: based on the solidarity mechanism, Germany has committed to “redistributing” 3,500 migrants currently in Italy within its country. So far, it has welcomed just 1,042. So, at this very moment, he refuses to take the 2,458 missing. Based in Dublin, however, the Germans intend to transfer 10,125 migrants to Italy. It is clear that the Meloni government cannot accept a similar “exchange”. As if that were not enough, the lack of European solidarity also emerges clearly from Austria’s decision to announce the intensification of controls on the Brenner. Austrian Interior Minister Gerhard Karner stated that “the European Commission must become even more coherent, more rigorous and faster in the fight against human trafficking and asylum abuse. Fast procedures at external borders and returns, strong border protection and the possibility of asylum procedures outside Europe are the first steps in the right direction.”

Source: IL Tempo