Government, Meloni warns migrants: “They will be detained and repatriated”

The migratory pressure that Italy has been experiencing since the beginning of the year is “unsustainable” and that is why Giorgia Meloni, in a video on social media, announces great news that the government will discuss on Monday during the Council of Ministers. Firstly, the period of detention in detention centers for those entering the country illegally will be increased to 18 months, while for asylum seekers it will remain at 12, and structures will be built in isolated locations that can be easily delimited and monitored. . «I want to send a clear message to anyone who wants to enter Italy illegally – said the Prime Minister – it is not worth counting on human traffickers because they ask you for a lot of money, they put you on boats that are often not equipped to do these things. travel and, in any case, if you enter Italy illegally, you will be detained and repatriated. Our situation does not allow us to do anything different.” Italy “cannot wait any longer”, but at the same time it cannot do it alone. For this reason, Meloni sent an invitation to the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, “to ask her to come with me to Lampedusa to personally understand the gravity of the situation”. An invitation that, at least from what we learned from some EU sources, was accepted by the President of the Commission.

Then Meloni announced that he had also written to “Charles Michel asking him to include the issue of migration on the agenda of the October European Council”. At that time, Italy will propose the immediate launch of “a European mission to block the departures of boats in agreement with the North African authorities”. It then sends a message to that part of Europe that is moving in the “opposite direction”. «I think about the daily attempt by some political forces and influential entities to argue that Tunisia is an oppressive regime with which agreements cannot be reached. Even declaring that Tunisia would not be a safe haven and, therefore, where it is not possible to repatriate irregular immigrants or prevent migrants from leaving those shores.” And in fact the invitation to von der Leyen also aims to release the 250 million euros promised by the European Union to Tunisia but which “have not yet been transferred”. The situation is “very difficult”, but the Prime Minister “is still convinced that the Italian government’s strategy is the most serious to resolve the problem in a structural way, but it takes time, especially if this work is hampered by ideological interests” .

In short, we need to move forward on this path and be able to involve the European Union in an attempt to resolve a problem that cannot be exclusive to Italy. Especially because the prediction, given the current situation in Africa, is that “several tens of millions of people may want to leave their nation in search of a better future in Europe and Italy”. But it is clear that “Italy and Europe cannot accommodate this huge mass of people, especially when the migratory flow is managed by unscrupulous traffickers and moves along illegal routes”.

Source: IL Tempo