Elly Schlein, dems triggered in chat: “A massacre”. That suspicion about Lilli Gruber

A disaster. Elly Schlein’s interview about Otto e mezzo the other night was torture for voters and Democratic Party representatives. The Democratic secretary seemed to be in difficulty with everything (for example, even on the armochromist issue…), and her statements seemed confusing and without content, so much so that the presenter Lilli Gruber told her: “Outsourcing problems “But who understands her if she talks like that?” At the same time, in the PD’s internal chats we vented about Schlein’s telefigure. The newspaper collects the desperate messages from the Democrats: “A massacre”. “I was in a cold sweat”, “Houston, we have a problem”, “He can’t handle it, he can’t handle it”.

Disaster, it’s true. But the conduct was not tender with the Democratic leader, and there are those who point out: “Do you remember how respectful and delicate she was with Conte, or even with Casaleggio Jr?”, asks a Schleinaino to whom a North parliamentarian rejects conspiratorial readings : “All journalists have to do is ask questions, that’s their job” to get Schlein in trouble.

To highlight Schlein’s own goal on TV is an article by Maria Teresa Meli in Corriere della Sera that talks about “embarrassment on live TV”. He recalls the turnaround of Francesca Fagnani’s interview with Belve, accepted and then rejected, and lists the inconclusive answers to questions from Gruber and Press Director Massimo Giannini. “However, there was one question to which the secretary gave an unequivocal answer. When Giannini told him that if he got below 20% in the European elections he ran the risk of losing the secretariat, Schlein was clear: «I have a four-year mandate”, he said. Another phrase that probably made more than one dem break out in a cold sweat.

Source: IL Tempo