Schlein, Gruber’s attack is a sign: abandoned by the progressive establishment

Elly Schlein’s poor performance at Lilli Gruber certainly did not go unnoticed. The journalist and presenter of Otto e mezzo has repeatedly put the leader of the Democratic Party with her back against the wall, with an interview that certainly hides something else. About La Nazione Lorenzo Castellani, political scientist and professor of History of Political Institutions at Luiss, analyzes the guest’s trajectory on the La7 broadcast: “When a traditionally close environment, like Otto e mezzo’s television room, shows aggression towards Schlein, So perhaps there is reason for concern on the left. The impression is that the young leader is losing the trust of the progressive establishment due to her lack of political consistency. Schlein is absent from most of the issues that matter in the daily lives of Italians.”

“The impression – continues Castellani – is that Schlein, always giving priority to moral evaluations and not to political ones, is a prisoner of the schemes of the editorial team and the intellectuals who supported her and who today are beginning to abandon her. In the PD leader’s so-called ‘militant summer’, there was no statement or action by the secretary capable of breaking the screen, of entering the minds of all voters, of expanding the electoral base. In many things Schlein proceeds with the handbrake on, without showing clear ideas, with the position of the PD secretary being very colorless. There is a lack of strong ideas, expressed in a simple way, on some concrete issues that concern the lives of all Italians”. “In this climate, the European elections run the risk of being Schlein’s first and last as leader of the Democratic Party” is the conclusion of the expert’s comment.

Source: IL Tempo