Migrants, Zaia’s appeal to Von der Leyen: what he asks her about migrants

«Von der Leyen can go to Lampedusa but remember that he must also return home to solve the problem». The statement was made by the president of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, in the Pontida stage. The governor of Veneto addresses the president of the European Commission on the day of his visit to the Lampedusa hotspot. «The Lion», symbol of Veneto, «is increasingly angry. We are always for peace. The Lion of Veneto has the book closed and the sword in his hand. Some people think that the League is letting itself show the way. The League shows the way, it doesn’t let itself be shown. This shows the way with regard to immigration policies.” This is the president of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, from the Pontida stage. «Almost 200 thousand migrants arrive, only 10% are fleeing death and hunger. This is a problem European, not just ours. We are not racist, we help those fleeing death and hunger but we did not travel around the world to fill prisons, we went to work. We are concerned, hospitality must be dignified. On the one hand we are concerned about dignity of hospitality, we know that, in the medium term, we will change the appearance of our communities”, he added.

Zaia appeared on the Pontida stage accompanied by regional councilors with a huge Venetian flag with the words “Autonomy now”. «They told us that we were racist when we talked about federalism, does anyone want to explain that autonomy is federalism? The Constitution contains within it the provision of autonomy. Autonomy is not a subversive act, autonomy is a true assumption of responsibility, it is about giving opportunity to everyone from North to South, it puts an end to parasitism. Wake up, if you have to pack a bag for treatment, it means they mismanage healthcare at home”, concludes Zaia.

Source: IL Tempo