Salvini and Le Pen triumphant on stage, salute from 100,000 activists

The Pontida demonstration welcomed Matteo Salvini and Marine Le Pen on stage to the ovation of the 100,000 activists present. Rassemblement National and Lega together to defend the freedom of peoples and European homelands: this was what the leader of the French party Marine Le Pen said, who spoke at the Pontida rally before Matteo Salvini. “I officially presented in France a Declaration of the Rights of Peoples and Nations”, said Le Pen, to defend the “natural communities” that “today are called into question by supranational ideological organizations and commercial entities”. Le Pen also praised the League, with a view to next year’s European elections, for sharing the fight “for respect for freedom choices, for the diversity of civilizations and for the world’s cultural riches”, rejecting the policy of the European Commission which assumes the form of “less food, less energy, less industry and fewer children”. With an “incredible reduction in our freedom to come, come, express ourselves, produce, be successful. We defend our art of living, tradition, habits and customs, codes, gastronomy, in short, our identity: everything that makes us who we are. Let us defend our families against the threat of wokism and our daughters against obscurantist threats”, concluded Marine Le Pen.

Source: IL Tempo