Migration emergency, Giorgia Meloni convinces Europe

The conditions to return some normality to the island symbol of immigration in the Mediterranean, Lampedusa, were created after the joint visit of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. The basis for blocking most foreigners from their countries of origin also convinced the leaders of community institutions. A day full of commitments, which began in the hotspot in the Imbriacola neighborhood where 1,950 people were present until yesterday (it has a maximum capacity of 400 seats and last Wednesday it welcomed 7,000). The authorities then moved to the Favarolo pier, where hundreds of migrants disembark every day. On the short journey between the two destinations, the motorcade in which the authorities were traveling was blocked by a group of islanders who intended to speak to Prime Minister Meloni. The latter told protesters: “We are doing our best.” It was not the only gesture of protest, after the press conference at Lampedusa airport, citizens, led by leader Giacomo Sferlazzo, once again stopped institutions in central Via Roma. «We are working for you, even the European institutions are here today (yesterday for those who read this) for you».

Let’s take a step back. After the inspection in the small port of the Sicilian island, to observe with his own eyes the dozens and dozens of abandoned boats that “prevent local fishermen – declared the vice-mayor Attilio Lúcia – from leaving with their boats”, the Prime Minister Meloni and the President of the European Commission, von der Leyen, went to the airport where the press conference took place. «If anyone thought that in the face of the ongoing global crisis the issue – Prime Minister Meloni told the journalists present – ​​could be closed in this way, they would be mistaken. We are in such a state of flux that, if we don’t all work together, the border states will be hit first and then everyone else. It is a problem that involves everyone and must be addressed by everyone and von der Leyen’s presence is a sign of awareness.” Therefore, to stop the migratory phenomenon “we need serious, complex, lasting solutions, in which everyone works in the same direction: it would not make sense for one part to work to find solutions and another part, for ideological reasons, to work to dismantle them”. “.

But it doesn’t end there because Lampedusa needs “greater involvement from the United Nations, which is absolutely necessary”. Satisfaction within the FdI with leader Meloni’s visit to Lampedusa. «A great victory for the government that led President von der Leyen and much of Europe to embrace the Italian line in the fight against illegal immigration. In particular, it did not go unnoticed by us that when the European representative declares that “we must decide who enters the EU and under what circumstances, certainly not traffickers”, she uses expressions that have always been typical of Giorgia Meloni. Also very important – it transpires from FdI sources – the openness made by the EU president to the request for a European naval mission to combat illegal departures and human traffickers, a proposal that will be formalized by Giorgia Meloni at the next informal European Council in October”. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s long Sunday concluded in the study of the Dritto e rovescio program, where regarding the migratory phenomenon he declared: «Compared to the past, Europe is making a U-turn, a good and right one». space for topics other than immigration: in particular there are some that the Prime Minister considers priorities: “The reduction of the tax burden. My main objective is to confirm this for the entire year 2024.” Then, support for the low income, pensions, support for families and birth rates. He then specifies that he wants to make «Italians proud of me», finally commenting on a recent article: «The other day I read an article on a website: “Melons, pay attention to their psychophysical health.” It’s a really misogynistic thing, it’s like saying that, as a woman, you can’t do this in your head.”

Source: IL Tempo