More removal centers and immigrants detained for up to 18 months: What changes with the new pressure Meloni wants?

At least one detention center for return (CPR) in every region and an increase in the detention period of immigrants to 18 months, the maximum period allowed by European legislation. This is how Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni responds to the immigration emergency. Two innovations regarding the organization of the reception system in Italy are on the agenda of the Council of Ministers today, Monday, September 18. The tightening was predicted by the prime minister recently, first in a video and then during his visit to Lampedusa with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Sunday. Let’s see what will change in concrete terms.

Detention centers for repatriation

Repatriation detention centers (CPR) house citizens awaiting execution of deportation orders. So far, the law provides that the stay will last “for the period strictly necessary” and that the foreign citizen “must be detained in a manner that provides the necessary assistance and ensures full respect for his dignity.” Until now, detention could be ordered for a maximum of 90 days, but in certain cases this period could be extended for a further 30 days. According to the Viminale website, CRPs are as follows:

  • At least;
  • Toasts;
  • Caltanissetta;
  • Gradisca d’Isonzo (GO);
  • Macomer (NU);
  • Palazzo San Gervasio (PZ);
  • Rome;
  • Turin;
  • Trapani.

The path followed by the Meloni government is to have repatriation centers in all regions. Obviously priority will be given to those on the “border” because they are more exposed to migration pressure. New structures should be created in areas with low population density, using abandoned or unused public buildings such as barracks. It is also possible to create stretchable structures or special-purpose systems.

Immigrants in CPR for 18 months

The provision, which is being examined by the Council of Ministers, allows immigrants to be held in detention centers for up to one and a half years for repatriation. This is the maximum allowed by European law. However, we also want to improve the registration recognition system. One of Palazzo Chigi’s biggest concerns is linked to the self-certification of minors, which allows them to enjoy the benefits granted to minors entering the country. The government also wants to intervene in this issue through medical tests and diagnostic tools, especially in cases where the difference between declared age and physical appearance is clearly contradictory.

“We are introducing a bill to the Council that would extend the detention of migrants to the maximum allowed by European regulations, that is, 18 months. This means that if you trust traffickers, you should know that you will be detained and repatriated. The Ministry of Defense is advised to ensure that the centers are kept as safe as possible.” “With the instruction to reactivate it as soon as possible, we are giving a clear message: If you do not have the right to asylum, you will be sent back to your country.” Forehand and backhandStreaming on Retequattro

The news that Meloni was expecting was received coldly by the mayors. According to mayor of Prato Matteo Biffoni, ANCI migration delegate, “the migrant problem cannot be solved with return centres”. Let’s see if this situation will affect the Government’s decisions.

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