Italy alive, Renzi’s bet: “I’m competing and challenging those who have a guaranteed job”

«Ours is not a center that looks to the past, but to the future. For me, the Center is a big bet and I’m playing for it…” Matteo Renzi relaunches his new political project on the stage of the Italia Viva national celebration, in Santa Severa, in view of next year’s European elections. And “it provokes ” the center-right, convinced that it will “steal” votes from Forza Italia to overcome the 4% threshold. «They tell me “you want to get votes from FI”. Yes, I think we will take a piece of Forza Italia. .. How much is 0.2, 0.5%, 1%? I don’t know…”. The former prime minister has no doubts: «Of course the FI loses, it loses a little to the right, obviously, in particular to the Brothers of Italy, the more Salvini puts Le Pen and the more Forza Italia supporters struggle to vote. in the sovereigntists, and then it loses here…”. The former scrap dealer is convinced that some Azzurri will join Italia Viva: «Yes, they will come from here and I want to take a little piece of that world there. I want to remember that when I I ran for mayor of Florence, got the FI votes and we won…”. Then he reiterates that he will run in the European elections, defying “those who say I don’t have a vote”: “I’m running for the Northwest, I’m asking for preferences and I’m asking those who have always had a guaranteed position to compete. Politics is about awakening people’s desire to get involved. Whoever wants to go, go away… Some will go”, but “others, or rather more, will arrive”.

Renzi changes the subject and focuses on the Democratic Party: «Then there is the Democratic Party. I think we have to defend Elly Schlein from those who attack her because she is our best ally… I’m sorry she didn’t come to confront us about the employment law, but then they lecture us about moral superiority. But we haven’t given up: dear Elly, the debate will continue in the coming months and Iv will never give up discussing the issues, nor the likes on social media.” But the leader of Italia Viva also opens up the possibility of building that famous “broad field” that the Pd and Grillini want: “I have a message to give to the center-left that says ‘let’s all work together on health’. We are here, we are ready to work together on healthcare, but let us put it in writing that the 37 billion from the ESM are necessary, which Conte’s populists and Meloni’s populists together do not want for Italy due to ideological prejudice. Dear Giuseppe Conte, do you answer yes or no to this question? Schlein, yes or no?

A passage on Carlo Calenda could not be missing, with whom he shared a stretch of road before the leader of Action decided to separate. «Since 2013 I have always supported him at Calenda – explains Renzi -. I appointed him minister, then ambassador, then I supported him as a candidate for mayor of Rome and when he didn’t have the signatures to run for a year, we gave them to him. We also gave him the presidency of the Federation. I accept all the criticism in the world, I accept all the calls for internal democracy, but taking lessons in democracy from those who have had it all and left at the first corner, my friends, I say best of luck and best wishes but we are something else… .». Then he assures us that Leopolda will happen: «We will do it with the title “Accedere le stelle” and it will be more fascinating than other times». Obviously there is also room for criticism of the government, in particular the leaders of the FdI and the Lega: «The government failed: it mocked us and said it would close the ports and create a naval blockade. Instead, he just closed his eyes.” «When I was in government – he concluded – they said I was a criminal for having welcomed refugees. Today in Lampedusa there are more refugees than residents. Smugglers, those who manage trafficking, are the real criminals, I won’t say that the government is criminal, but at the same time I say that the government failed.”

Source: IL Tempo