Mario Draghi called to the EU, Feltri reveals who fears him in Europe

For Mario Draghi new role of responsibility in Europe. The president of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, in fact, asked the former president of the ECB “to prepare a report on the future of European competitiveness”. On the left, they were quick to define Von der Leyen’s choice as a punishment for Meloni. The reality, however, is very different and is analyzed by Vittorio Feltri in the columns of Il Giornale on September 18th.

Feltri emphasizes that Draghi’s choice coincides with a kind of rejection of Paolo Gentiloni. “The one who sees himself wearing the hat with donkey ears is precisely the exponent of the Democratic Party, placed in that position by the worst post-war government, that is, the yellow-red one – writes Feltri in Il Giornale – About him since then ( 2019) does not remember a gesture, an adjective, but the state of mind: inert. Even his party comrades in Rome call him er Moviola.” But in Brussels, ECB President Christine Lagarde is also trembling. “In fact, I don’t think she feels very calm, feeling that her predecessor, the failed president of the ECB, the Frenchwoman Christine Lagarde, is breathing down her neck, who has already increased the discount rate ten times.”

For the editorial director of Il Giornale, Mario Draghi will be Giorgia Meloni’s best ally. “My useless advice is not to give Super Mario to communists and the like – concludes Feltri – Draghi today is in fact – as the Marxists of the past would say – objectively allied with Meloni, in perfect convergence in the choices on which the fate of the world depends and , therefore, from Italy. The insertion of the former prime minister into the hitherto hostile EU elite with the mission of supervising the economy (he wrote to the Italian Pnrr!), will be a great opportunity to build, after that, Giorgia has already consolidated with Washington, a bridge between Rome and Brussels that can withstand any earthquake.”

Source: IL Tempo