Migrants, France retreats again: we will not receive anyone from Lampedusa

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin will be in Rome today to meet with the head of the Interior Ministry, Matteo Piantedosi, and address the issue of migrants, in particular the Lampedusa emergency. Faced with this situation, “France will help Italy to preserve its borders to prevent the arrival of people”, explained Darmanin about Europe 1. Darmanin then specified that France does not intend to welcome migrants, even if the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen called on European countries to show solidarity.

«For those who arrive in Italy, we must apply the European rules, which we adopted a few months ago. They consist of asking for asylum at the border”, the French minister’s position. The head of the Interior then reiterates the line of sealing the borders and does not demonstrate common solidarity: «Once the asylum requests are presented at the border, we see that the majority of these applicants do not have the right to asylum and must immediately return to their countries of origin. Instead, if there are eligible asylum seekers, who are persecuted for clearly political reasons, they are obviously refugees and, in these cases, France, as it has always done, can welcome these people. France is already doing its part.” On Saturday, Darmanin spoke by phone with his Italian and German counterparts. What will the Italian left say about the desire for quick expulsions of a Macron loyalist?

Source: IL Tempo