L’Aria che Tira, “investigated for electoral fraud”. Grillina’s anti-government madness

Opposition members continue to take positions against the government. In the September 18 episode of L’Aria che Tira, a La7 talk show hosted by David Parenzo, 5 Star Movement deputy Vittoria Baldino is a guest and attacks the center-right executive this way: “Rift within the majority , the issue of migrants is a terrain for electoral campaign, propaganda, despite the failures that the right achieved in a year of government on the issue of migrants. These should be investigated for electoral fraud, if such a crime existed, I advise Carlo Nordio to institute a new crime, electoral fraud”.

“They created – continues Baldino after the singular criminal proposal – a series of failures, I understand that they are in difficulty. Years and years of propaganda on the issue of migrants, with easy solutions, bombastic announcements of phantom turning points, I could show you the headlines of right-wing newspapers in the aftermath of the agreement with the president and dictator of Tunisia. There was a promise to search for all smugglers around the world and the result is that, compared to last year, landings from Tunisia increased by 360%. It is clear – Honorable Grillina’s comment – ​​that this is a total failure, a total fiasco of a Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, who only uses slogans”.

Source: IL Tempo