France openly on migrants, the League thunders: “Enough talk”

Solidarity in words, in actions, total closure. France will not welcome some of the migrants who landed in Lampedusa. The announcement was made by the French Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, who will be in Rome today to meet with the head of the Ministry of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, and address the issue of migrants, in particular the Lampedusa emergency. “No, France is not prepared to do so”, replied Emmanuel Macron’s minister live on Europe 1 when asked if Paris was preparing to welcome the migrants who arrived in Lampedusa in recent days. “France will help Italy to control the borders to prevent the arrival of people”, commented Darmanin, “and for those who arrived in Italy, we must apply the European rules that we adopted a few months ago, which consist of presenting the request for asylum at the border “.

Words that provoke a reaction from the League: “Enough talk, the Italians expect and deserve concrete facts from France and Europe!”, is the Northern League’s response to Darmanin’s statements. Previously, the French Interior Minister had assured that he wanted to “help the government control the border to prevent an avalanche of immigrants from reaching the island of Lampedusa and will help it quickly expel undocumented migrants”, insisting on the fact that it was about the implementation of the European agreement on immigration from last June, which provides for joint action to reduce the influx of migrants from the southern shore of the Mediterranean and examine the asylum applications of those who, despite everything, arrive in Europe across the border. In short, Darmanin reiterated the idea that France “will help Italy to control its border to prevent the arrival of people”, on the one hand, and “to detain those who enter illegally while their position is examined, to check whether have the right to asylum.” When this does not happen, he added, the objective is to “quickly expel them back to their countries.” “We will only welcome them if they respect the asylum rules, if they are persecuted. But if it is simply irregular immigration, France cannot welcome them, nor can other countries”, he stressed.

Source: IL Tempo