Maurizio Landini, without a spokesperson, but the gallerist appears. Maretta for CGIL

CGIL secretary Maurizio Landini, in response to the controversy that erupted after Massimo Gibelli left the union, said that having a spokesperson “is a luxury that we cannot afford”. The historic figure of CGIL, in an interview with the Huffington Post, had said shortly before that the decision to no longer entrust him with the role he had played for years was then implemented “taking advantage of the Jobs Act”, the labor reform desired by Matteo Renzi, against whom the union wants to organize a recall referendum. Regarding the case, Landini intervened trying to explain his reasons: “The CGIL carried out its internal reorganization and the choice that was made was to no longer have the figure of the spokesperson”. Now, however, it turned out that the CGIL wanted to introduce a new figure into the CGIL’s central organization: the art gallery owner.

In fact, it appears that at CGIL headquarters the head of the union decided to assign the “exhibitions” office to a union leader. Its role would be precisely to curate exhibitions and art events on behalf of CGIL. It is Il Giornale that reveals to readers the hidden and more aristocratic side of the union leader. The gallerist in question is Patrizia Lazoi and her task is to curate and manage precious paintings by Renato Guttuso, Ennio Calabria, Sonia Alvarez, Enrico Benaglia. “An important collection, the result of donations”, explain the CGIL directors.

Obviously the Gibelli case and the introduction of the gallery owner were seen as two sides of the same contradiction, they caused discontent within the union and caused some managers to start turning up their noses at the policies adopted by secretary Landini. To try to calm discontent, union leaders approved an amendment to the regulations of the national assembly that prohibits the participation of citizens and the press in meetings. However, membership continues to decline.

Source: IL Tempo