Highway code, fines of up to 2600 euros for mobile phone while driving: all the news

The Council of Ministers approved the text of the DDL and the law that allows changes to the Highway Code and new road safety rules with “fixing wild radars and a hard line for repeat offenders who do not respect the rules”. The package, presented in June and strongly supported by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini, was analyzed today by the Joint Conference, which expressed a favorable opinion and proposed a series of changes. The text provides, firstly, fines of up to 1084 euros and licenses suspended for a maximum period of one month for repeat offenders who violate speed limits. “At the request of the mayors, it is proposed to increase the administrative fine up to 1,084 euros and suspend the driving license from fifteen to thirty days, exclusively in cases where the same person commits a violation of the speed limits within the inhabited center at least twice in the space of a year”, explained MIT in a note.

It will then be possible to challenge the violation of the obligation to give priority to pedestrians and cyclists at intersections using remote controls. MIT explains that remote controls will also come into force for “violation of the prohibition on stopping and reserved parking, only in cases where the spaces reserved for traffic police, firefighters and emergency services are occupied, pink and vacant reserved for people with disabilities”. electric vehicles, loading/unloading of goods and public transport services.” Heavier fines for parking in spaces designated for people with disabilities. Fines increased, for mopeds and two-wheeled motorcycles, to 165-660 euros and for other vehicles for 330-990. Heavier fines even if you park in the lanes reserved for parking and bus stops and all public transport vehicles: for mopeds and two-wheeled motorcycles between 87 and 328 euros and between 165 and 660 euros for other vehicles .

More severe fines also apply to those who use a cell phone while driving. The financial penalty is expected to increase from 165-660 euros to 422-1,697 euros, with suspension of the driving license from fifteen days to two months from the first infraction. In case of repeat offense within two years, in addition to the additional sanction of suspension of the driving license for one to three months, already provided for in the current code, payment of an amount ranging between 644 and 2588 euros will be charged. , in addition to the deduction of points from the driving license: 8 for a first offense and 10 points for a second offense.

Source: IL Tempo