Migrants, there is a crackdown on illegal landings. Meloni: the government is compact

Creation of new detention centers for repatriations (CPR) and change in the detention period for those who enter Italy illegally, increased to 18 months, the maximum limit allowed by current European regulations. After the announcement made in recent days following the emergency landings recorded in Lampedusa, the Council of Ministers gave the green light to the executive’s tightening in the management of migratory flows. “Very important measures” for Giorgia Meloni who, before flying to New York for the United Nations general assembly, also chairs the meeting of the Interministerial Committee for the Security of the Republic (CISR). In her introductory speech to the CDM, the Prime Minister expressed “great satisfaction with the unity and great teamwork of the entire government” to deal with the emergency and find solutions to the strong pressure exerted by irregular flows on the Italian coasts. “It is confirmation that, on these issues, as on many others, the entire center-right has the same vision – underlines the Prime Minister at Palazzo Chigi – and that everyone is working in the same direction, despite what we read and try to say nowadays”.

In short, no friction with Matteo Salvini’s League, which in recent days has questioned, in particular, the diplomatic path adopted by the Prime Minister to try to resolve the problem. League that today attacked France and Europe again (“enough talk, the Italians expect and deserve concrete facts”) after the French Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin, declared that Paris has no intention of receiving anyone from Lampedusa. For Meloni, however, “the seriousness and credibility of this government meant that, contrary to what happened in the past, the European Commission and a good part of European nations aligned themselves with the same Italian positions”. That is, about the need to defend the EU’s external borders and stop human traffickers and illegal immigration. In particular, for the Prime Minister, the ten-point plan presented by Ursula von der Leyen “is, in some ways, surprising, because it is perfectly aligned with the paradigm shift that this government has supported since taking office and which has now been established at European level”. Meloni and his ministers even make a joke: “I wonder if they will now also accuse the president of the European Commission of wanting to sink ships with migrants inside”. The Prime Minister then announces that the government will follow “very carefully the commitments that Europe has made with Italy”, starting with the commitment to quickly release the resources provided for in the Memorandum with Tunisia. Furthermore, at the next European Council, in October, Italy will ask “to take the necessary and consequential decisions, especially with regard to blocking illegal exits from North Africa”.

The new measures adopted by the government will flow into the Southern Legislative Decree which, among other things, establishes the single EEZ for the South and allocates funds specifically to Lampedusa. In fact, in the Council of Ministers there was a new resolution on the provision not yet published in the Official Gazette. The first innovation concerns the modification of the period of detention in detention centers for the repatriation of those who enter Italy illegally, which will be increased to the maximum limit allowed by current European regulations: 6 months, extendable for another 12, for a total of 18 months. . It will then be up to the Ministry of Defense to create the structures to detain illegal immigrants as quickly as possible. The new CPRs will be built by Civil Engineers in locations with very low population density and easy surveillance. “No more discomfort and insecurity will be created in Italian cities”, guarantees the Prime Minister, anticipating the arrival at the Council of Ministers, next week, of a new decree on immigration and security that will address, among other things, the issue of minors unaccompanied. “Our objective – explains Meloni – is to protect real minors to avoid, as is happening now, that with a simple self-certification anyone can be included in circuits intended for minors. 14s, to whom all protection will be guaranteed.” Furthermore, according to the head of Farnesina Antonio Tajani, ambassadors from countries representing the largest nationalities declared at the time of disembarkation will be summoned. “Italy – concludes Meloni – will ask them for maximum collaboration for the immediate repatriation of irregulars”.

Source: IL Tempo