Political hybrid PD, Schlein’s party escaping reality

For many observers, Schlein’s misfortune in Otto e mezzo (a “friendly” program, with Lilli Gruber who, behind a mischievous but polite smile, told him: “but who understands her if she talks like that?”) could become hers. (very bad) swan song, in the sense that the consternation caused in the party by this poor performance would have already triggered the casting to find a successor, even before the European elections. Obviously a hypothesis of unreality: that Elly was this, that is, a mix between ethereal political lightness and a crude approach to the identifying themes of her armochromatic faction, was also known to the generals who, widowed in government uniforms, had decided to focus on the new effect to stay afloat, and now that the Democratic Party has been handed to her, it will be difficult to take it away from her, as she has repeatedly reiterated: hic manebimus optime.

Of course, no bookmaker would accept bets on him remaining at the head of Nazareno until the end of his term, but for any internal turnaround we will at least have to wait for the supposed bloodbath of the European elections, just for the sake of political decency. Even though the zone of discomfort, so to speak, widens, in the belief that the secretary is a victim of her “extraordinary inexperience”, but also of a snobbish arrogance hardly compatible with the leadership of a large party. But are we sure that PD’s problem is really Elly Schlein? Or that his alien appearance is just the latest act in a political mess degraded into farce? The Democratic Party, a compromising entity heir to Catholic communism, was never, in fact, fish or fowl, so much so that European socialists even had to change its name to join their group.

Bettino Craxi – I started re-reading his writings, and it is advice I give to everyone – said, with his taste for joking hyperbole, that “no one has ever fully understood what socialism is”, and there was a grain of truth in that sentence. , because while in almost all major Western countries, after the Second World War, a bipolar policy developed that brought together a social democratic soul and a moderate soul, this never happened in Italy because of a left that, instead of evolving and growing as it did in the rest of Europe, it continued to make the same mistakes, to wallow in the same ideological aberrations, to not accept its own history. To the point, in fact, of opening the Democratic Party, a political hybrid that is more ministerial than reformist, and who knows how Craxi would have defined it. It is no coincidence that the authentic Craxians, at the end of the first Republic, took refuge in the house of the moderates, as a social component that enriched liberal thought and found itself in perfect communion with Catholic sensitivity.

The fact is that left-wing culture has always considered the people as a herd in need of its enlightened guidance and ready to follow without a word counter-orders and reversals behind the blunt propaganda, slogans and demonization of opponents. But ideology no longer has the power it once had, and this time the people in the gazebos chose a surprise card in the euphoric tumult of the gazebos, very similar to a student assembly: a foreign and radical Popesse who is as arrogant towards her internal opponents and also unarmed in front of a Lilli Gruber. And now with Elly, the Democratic Party definitely looks like a party that escapes reality, whether we are talking about migrants or the employment law, an army dismantled by confused generals, with Governor De Luca who fires terrible barrages at the headquarters all the days from Campania. But the democratic nomenklatura built this destiny on its own, deceiving itself that it was enough to put the flower of reformism on the lid after having gotten rid of the only authentic reformism, that of the Craxian PSI, through the courts. That’s all for now, waiting for the next episode, which is certainly imminent.

Source: IL Tempo