On the eve of the new “Fighting Day”, the pickets left for Juju to demand the release of two social leaders.

On the eve of the new “Fighting Day”, the pickets left for Juju to demand the release of two social leaders.

At the head of Eduardo Beliboni, the referents took part in the mobilization in the provincial capital; Managed to meet with representatives of the government of Gerardo Morales

They demanded a dwarf government
They demanded that the dwarf government “stop persecuting the fighters.”

with Edward Belibon (Polo Obrero) The main referents of left-wing social organizations left for St. Petersburg today. San Salvador de Juju Join the mobilization and They demand the release of two territorial leaders of this provincePolice arrested him last week on charges of “obstructing transport and services” and “disobeying authority.”

The march was the culmination of a series of demonstrations in the capital, Juju, in Buenos Aires last Friday, when pickets mobilized at the Casa de Jujuy to denounce the existence of “political prisoners” in Argentina and demand their dismissal. Sebastian Copello (PO) and John Korolk (MTR 12 April). .

Polo Obrero leader Eduardo Belibon enters Juju's Government House
Polo Obrero leader Eduardo Belibon enters Juju’s Government House

Depending on what he could have known ᲔᲠᲘYesterday, Piquetera Unit reviewers were able to assist the government of Gerardo Morales in meeting with the prosecutor in charge of the case, Diego Funes. It was this face-to-face meeting that led to the release of at least one of the two detainees.. “After several hours of waiting, we were able to petition on behalf of our colleagues, who were to be released last night.Said MST National Coordinator Theresa Vive, Monica Sule, who was also part of the delegation that traveled to Juju.

“Social protest can not be criminalized, especially when famine reigns in neighboring and popular sectors, when the adjustment is the currency to conclude an agreement with the International Monetary Fund,” the organizations said in a document read during the act. To different governments “Stop the persecution of those who fight”.

These are more than convulsive days for Pickettero’s leadership. “I get up at 2 in the morning, I’m sleeping”Before that it was sincere ᲔᲠᲘ Belibon, one of the main highlights of the march, is being held repeatedly on 9th Avenue de Julio.

In this regard, when asked about the logistics that they should coordinate to carry out the visit, the leader stated: “We proposed at the meeting on human rights. Peace and Justice Service (Surf)The idea is that everyone who has had contact with the deputies has found a way to get tickets. “

March to the dwarf
March to the dwarf

Belibon said representatives of human rights groups were able to leave on Monday, while organizations united in the Picket department managed to get several lawmakers from the bloc. Left-Unity Front In the lower chamber, “also help some passages.”

“Today at 7 am we arrived on an Aerolineas Argentinas flight, which flew at 4 o’clock. The ticket was paid by the organization because we invested in it, “said Sule, who added: “When we say we have colleagues who donate money to an organization, that’s the case.”.

Source: La Nacion