Government, death threats to Meloni from smugglers: shocking talk from traffickers

A “rain of threats”, including death threats, directed at Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and her family. This is what emerges from conversations between traffickers and migrants published by the newspaper Il Giornale. News that provoked the indignation of parliamentarians from Fratelli d’Italia, the Prime Minister’s party. “The death threats sent to President Meloni via the web by death traffickers are the most tangible demonstration that the government’s line to combat illegal immigration is the correct one”, the reaction in a note from Fratelli d’Italia deputy Sara Kelany , representative of the immigration management party. «The latest measures adopted by the executive – adds the deputy – are aimed precisely at putting an end to the dirty trafficking in human beings, which is the root cause of all the tragedies that occur at sea. Of course, threats will not stop our work: 18 months of detention for those who disembark illegally and the creation of new repatriation centers far from their homes and distributed across all regions. And the Mattei Plan’s perspective of placing a definitive limit on departures. All this contrasts with the activity of smugglers who are starting to get nervous. Let them know, gentlemen, that there will be no future for them in Italy.”

Tommaso Foti, leader of the Brothers of Italy group in the Chamber, also spoke on the subject: «New rules from the Meloni government against illegal immigration. Anyone entering Italy illegally will be detained for up to 18 months and then expelled. The threats against the Prime Minister by smugglers are very serious. We await condemnation from the left.”

Source: IL Tempo