Calabria, visit by Valditara: “The school must be a point of reference”

San Luca, Platì and Bovalino are the three areas of Calabria where the Minister of Education and Merit, Giuseppe Valditara, visited many other schools yesterday. Not random destinations, but choices tenaciously desired by the owner of the Viale Trastevere department to reiterate that the State is not afraid to go to the territories where the ‘Ndrangheta is historically present. And that the school is the first safeguard of legality. Without forgetting that these countries have been out of reach of the press for a long time: in fact, the cameras were turned off several times and the reporters were scared away by those pretending to be masters. «The State is here with you. The State exists: the Italian Republic is a wonderful land. Let us not forget that – said minister Giuseppe Valditara – this is above all the land of Magna Grecia, the land that has an ancient civilization behind it: the civilization of the West passed through these territories, through these people. You are at the origins of Western civilization and you must rediscover the pride in it all.”

In reality, the return of Minister Giuseppe Valditara to Calabria was a return, given that a few months ago the Southern Agenda was presented in this Region, the 265 million euro plan to combat territorial gaps linked to the preparation of young people. «Because all evaluation institutions such as the OECD and Invalsi witness an unacceptable fracture: that between two countries, the South of Italy which – declared minister Giuseppe Valditara – does not offer the same training and therefore job opportunities, compared to other areas of our country. We must, therefore, think about an extraordinary and progressive intervention only for the Southern Agenda with significant investments, with more teachers, more qualified to be able to apply new forms of teaching, and also the extension of open and full-time schools because children must remain in school and have the school as a reference: more sport, more theater, more opportunities for coexistence.” Perhaps in the ministry of Viale Trastevere they laid the foundations for the application of the strategy of the great intellectual Gesualdo Bufalino who stated that “the mafia will be defeated by an army of primary school teachers”.

Source: IL Tempo