Research, Schlein’s “masterpiece”. Ghisleri: losing votes also on the left

Less than seven months after the election as secretary of Elly Schlein which should have given new vital energy to the party DP he is worse than before. The line completely to the left, the lack of incisiveness in communication highlighted by many commentators and the flight of numerous exponents of the reformist wing weigh on the researches while the 5 Star Movement benefits from the decline of the Democrats. Taking stock of the Democratic Party consensus in the Schlein era is Alessandra Ghisleri, director of Euromendia Research, during the Thursday, September 21 episode of Tagadain La7.

Giuseppe Conte’s 5 Stars “take advantage of the moment of difficulty for the PD and Schlein, which is losing consensus in the confidence index and is markedly the least fundamentalist part and closest to Stefano Bonaccini is partially heading towards the vote”, explains the researcher. Not only that. The Democratic leader is also losing “a small part of the votes to the parties of the left, the Left-Green and +Europe alliance. Because Schlein’s policy, which tends to expel those who until recently were fellow travelers, does not please this electorate”, comments Ghisleri.

In the latest Euromedia Research survey, the Democratic Party “fell below the psychological threshold of 20 percent, today we put it at 19.2 percent. The coalition’s sum today would be 24.5 percent, while the government’s majority is 45.7 percent.” And the 5 stars? According to Ghisleri’s latest poll, the Grillini are at 16.6 percent : “There are less than three points of proximity to the Democratic Party”, comments the researcher.

Source: IL Tempo