Turin, Lega attacks the director of the Egyptian Museum: “Racist, we will do everything to remove him”

Rags fly between the League and Christian Greco, director of the Egyptian Museum in Turin. Andrea Crippa, deputy secretary of the Northern League, interviewed by Affaritaliani, attacks the director after Greco commented on the rumors about the center-right’s desire to replace him, saying: “They evaluate me with objective criteria. I’ve been here for nine years, we’re aiming for one million admissions, we’re working on the bicentenary. Political attacks leave me stunned.” Greco also invited Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to visit the Museum.

An incursion not appreciated by Crippa: “Christian Greco, director of the Egyptian Museum in Turin, makes a gesture of dignity and resigns. We will do everything to remove him and we will ask Minister of Culture Sangiuliano to remove him if he does not resign. A few years ago – says the Northern League deputy – Greco decided on a discount only for Muslim citizens and I asked citizens to protest by flooding the switchboard with calls. He reported me, I was convicted in the first instance and acquitted in the second instance, winning the case. He is a left-wing director who managed the Egyptian Museum in Turin in an ideological and racist way against Italians and citizens of the Christian religion. He only gave discounts to Muslims and never to those who profess other religions. He should be expelled immediately, so he better make a gesture of dignity and leave. It is incredible that after he managed the Museum in an ideological way, he is now asking the center-right government to keep his seat.”

“The Egyptian Museum in Turin – emphasizes Crippa – is paid for by the citizens and only listens to the left. He is a racist against Italians and Christians. If he resigned immediately, it would make a better impression.”

Source: IL Tempo