Migrants will be able to avoid heart massage with 5 thousand euros

These are not officially detention centres, but the vocabulary and the measures being gradually introduced certainly do not lead to the much-cited CPRs (detention centers for repatriation) being associated with the word “reception”. If, during the last cabinet, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had called for the construction of new detention and repatriation centers isolated and “away from population centers” in the new decree signed by the Minister of Internal Affairs Piantedosi, a new oddity would have arisen: destined to re-discuss and inflame the political debate.

This is a type of “deposit” that an immigrant appealing a denial of asylum can pay to avoid being detained in the CPR. The amount to be paid is approximately 5 thousand euros (4,938 euros to be exact). This is a sort of “financial guarantee” that is held for about 4 weeks. During this period, the foreigner will need to show that he has adequate accommodation, means of living and has enough money to return to his country.

The provision we read in the decree applies to those who can be detained during the border process and those who come from safe countries.

And doubts are growing about the constitutionality of new regulations that actually create a form of discrimination based on wealth. The new measures are also aimed at people who are officially subject to an administrative detention regime even though they have not officially committed any crime. It is a situation entirely specific to Italy, which many humanitarian organizations have been protesting for some time.

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Source: Today IT