Marijuana and CBD oil are now becoming narcotics

Finally the jam came. From today, September 22nd, the sale of CBD oil in regular stores will be banned in Italy. You can go to the pharmacy to obtain it, but the sale will only be possible if you have a medical prescription to purchase it.

Cannabidiol oil (renamed CBD) is obtained from the extraction of the main compounds found in nature in the entire hemp plant. It is also used in cases of insomnia, anxiety, stress, menstrual pain, migraine and chronic pain. It has no surprising value for the WHO and the European Court of Justice, but it does for the Italian government. The substance is actually included in a specific drug table. The decree states that the product is effective against some pathologies such as epilepsy, but must be sold as a medicine. So it is available in the pharmacy and only with a medical prescription, no longer as a simple supplement.

This election caused anti-prohibitionist leaders, especially Riccardo Magi, to stand up: “Prohibitionist stupidity knows no bounds. This is the only way that from today onwards, free sale of some CBD-based products such as oils and food can be made in Italy.” It is purchased from pharmacies. And special health permits will be needed to produce them. “It’s a shame that CBD isn’t a wonder substance – adds +European secretary – what’s truly surprising is that the Meloni government has banned a substance that has the same effects as chamomile and is promoting it as a war on drugs.”

But this isn’t the first attempt. CBD oil was already in the eye of the storm due to a similar decree by former Health Minister Roberto Speranza, which was later withdrawn after protests from associations.

Moreover, at a table that is at risk of disintegration is an economic sector that also speaks Italian, and which La Repubblica interviewed by Matteo Moretti, president of one of the largest companies in the sector, recalled that “even the government supports it”. And the fear of many is that banning direct sales of CBD is the first step towards a complete ban on mild marijuana.

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Source: Today IT