Migrants, Gasparri thunders about funding for NGOs: “New German occupation?”

The German Foreign Ministry’s announcement about funding NGOs to bring migrants to Italy’s shores has infuriated the center-right. Even Forza Italia, through the vice-president of the Senate Maurizio Gasparri, shows its disdain for Germany: “Government circles are right to react to the news of German funding for NGOs in Italy. Are they motivated by charitable intentions in Berlin? So the fix would require us to talk to states when we act within the sphere of influence of others. Because there are humanitarian rescues and specious rescues. We still remember the German Carola Rackete who with a reckless and disdainful spirit faced Italian institutions years ago, involved in her activity of transporting illegal immigrants. If there are worthy humanitarian initiatives, a Government talks about it with a friendly Government. But just imagining the development of initiatives that move from the sea to the territory of another state is disconcerting.”

Gasparri raises a real alarm: “The German occupation of Italy, fortunately, ended many years ago. Would the German left want to renew it? And what do the inclined and subordinate Italian leftists say? They boycott all European policies aimed at financing Tunisia, which have finally begun, and expect a catastrophe for Italy. Which will not happen thanks to the center-right’s ability to induce Europe to pay money to Tunisia and react to bullying, from anyone. Also from Germany. From which – the final shot – we expect clarifications, apologies and the cessation of undue interference.”

Source: IL Tempo