Salvini reopens the game by building amnesty: “Evaluate the amnesty on minor irregularities”

Construction amnesty is back. The issue was raised again by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini. The union’s leader is considering amnesty for minor construction irregularities. Speaking at a Construction conference in Piacenza, Salvini said: “There are hundreds of thousands of small architectural, construction and urban planning irregularities that clog the technical offices of many municipalities. Wouldn’t it be wiser for the smaller ones to go and solve all these?” This “the State collects and returns to the full usability of citizens’ property”.

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According to Salvini, it is “an argument that must be followed courageously to the end”. The leader of the union then talked about a flat rate tax. “I believe that ‘household wealth’ is adequately taxed, even abundantly taxed. As regards the flat tax, we will do everything to extend this principle of simplification even further than collection by the State, for this is a double convenience”. And he added: “The cost of simplification is generally zero and so delaying making a deposit for something you haven’t won yet seems to me to be a legitimate act of courtesy. An extension of the flat tax rate is certainly beneficial”.

There was no shortage of suggestions for short-term rentals. “Private property is sacred” and regarding the issue of short-term rentals “everyone should be free to decide how to make their property profitable. I do not think that it is the State that should ethically decide what you want to do with two or more three circles”, 33 of the Confedilizia legal coordination conference The minister said in the edition of . “If a private person owns an apartment and wants to use it to generate income in the short, medium or long term, I do not think it is the State’s job to decide whether he has to do this in the short, medium or long term. We are in a free country,” he concluded, adding that “all “We agree with the government.” In November 2022, the Minister of Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, denied that the government could introduce new forms of amnesty; this was incompatible with the commitment given by the Council of Ministers to present the Plan shortly. National adaptation to climate change.

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Salvini’s words reach the manager at a certain moment. Meloni’s government is expected to approve next week the update note on the economics and finance document (Nadef), which is the starting point of the 2024 budget law. The lowering of the tax wedge for incomes up to 35 thousand euros and the Irpef reform, which has already been outlined in the tax devolution law and has been definitively approved by the Parliament. There is also the issue of a tax-free thirteenth for retirees: at this stage the manager’s logic focuses on a deduction in Irpef, where a rate of 15% is assumed. But there is also a fuel bonus, confirmation of invoices, 5 percent VAT on fuel, extension of assistance for the purchase of a first home for those under the age of 36, and a mini amnesty for taxpayers who commit tax violations. receipts or invoices. These are some of the measures included in the draft Energy Decree, which is expected to be convened in the Council of Ministers on Monday, September 25. In short, Salvini adds another theme for the busy Meloni manager.

Source: Today IT