Pd, Schlein’s fate is sealed: background to the new Gentiloni course and maxi-alliances

Elly Schlein already knows that her future will be far from the Democratic Party secretariat. A large part of Democrats are just waiting for the new course to be brutally rejected in the European elections, with a collapse in votes and a percentage very similar to that of the 5 Star Movement. In this scenario, reports Affari Italiani, here is the twist: “Secretary Paolo Gentiloni (without going through the primaries, but elected by the current assembly) supported by all the great democrats, from Lorenzo Guerini to Dario Franceschini”. Also weighing is Schlein’s failed attempt to create a broad field of opposition to the center-right, which the former prime minister is actively opposing from Brussels.

“According to the scenarios outlined in recent days, the PD led by Gentiloni would aim to reach an agreement towards the center, building a coalition that would recover both Calenda and Matteo Renzi and also include Mais Europa. Inevitably, however, there would be a definitive break with the 5 Stars (and with Nicola Fratoianni and Angelo Bonelli)”, according to the portal’s complaint. This situation would lead to a new division between the Democrats, with the most left-wing part – that made up of the areas close to Andrea Orlando and Roberto Speranza – breaking away to join the Grillini and the Italian Green-Left Alliance. The earthquake is just a matter of time.

Source: IL Tempo