Pd and M5s are protesting, but have already said yes to the mini-buildings amnesty

A two-faced Janus. Perfect synthesis of barely disguised hypocrisy. Italy’s left offers a new pearl. For two days now, progressives have been tearing up their clothes to protest against the proposal launched by Matteo Salvini for amnesty for violations of small buildings. An idea marked, in unequivocal terms, as “another gift for those who don’t respect the rules and for the cunning”. A frontal and noisy attack that really surprised the League. «The proposal by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Matteo Salvini on small irregularities in buildings is not an amnesty but rather a concrete, reasonable and common sense solution – we read in a note from the Northern League – The reaction of the Pd and 5Stelle, which in the Lombardy region voted in favor of a similar solution on May 17, 2022, along with the entire center-right majority. This is a very effective proposal due to the benefits that citizens who are victims of small irregularities on the part of those who built the house would derive from it.”

Salvini’s party refers to the vote held in Pirellone on May 17, 2022. The object of which was “the bill to Parliament with provisions for the expansion of construction tolerances”. In other words, an idea completely similar to the one that the leader of the Northern League feared two days ago. A law that was approved with the favorable vote of 53 councilors out of the 54 present in the Chamber that day. The Democratic Party and the Five Star Movement also expressed favor. A position, that advanced by Salvini, that finds support in the leader of Forza Italia, Antonio Tajani. «I think it is important to invest in urban regeneration.

On Wednesday, two Forza Italia proposals that go in this direction will be presented to the Senate. Within this, we can foresee the introduction of some small amnesties, for small things, but within the scope of a broader urban regeneration project. Something that we can also ask Europe to finance or co-finance – highlighted the Minister of Foreign Affairs during his speech on the Rai Tre broadcast, “In half an hour” – I would not simply talk about amnesty, if there are small things done without authorization in the context of a building renovation, certainly not if two floors are added. But if someone opened a window without authorization, that shouldn’t be done, but in this case we will see.”

Source: IL Tempo